St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury lawyer in st louisHave you been injured through no fault of your own and are now looking for a good St. Louis personal injury lawyer to handle your case? Everyone wants the best compensation they can get to compensate for their pain and suffering. To get the best compensation though, you’ll need a good personal injury lawyer that understands your case and has dealt successfully with similar cases.

Here are some ways in which you can follow to select a good St. Louis personal injury lawyer:

Starting Your Search

There are two different types of personal injury lawyers; the plaintiff lawyer and the defendant lawyer. If you are the one who has been injured and looking to make a claim for compensation then it is a plaintiff personal injury lawyer that you will need to represent your case. The defendant personal injury lawyer will represent the third party who you have claimed to have caused your injury.

Whittle It Down

Now that you know that you need a plaintiff personal injury lawyer, you can further segment the different types of St. Louis personal injury lawyers by the types of injury claims they have previously dealt with. For example, if you have been involved in a car accident then you are best finding a personal injury lawyer that specializes in car accidents and not industrial accidents. There are other ways to whittle down the choices of personal injury lawyers to find the very best which you can find below.

Biographical Information

You can whittle down to find the best St. Louis personal injury by finding the personal injury lawyers that specifically specialize in your type of injury claim. You will be able to find this information out by visiting their website or by looking at online directories. If you can’t find out whether a particular personal injury lawyer specializes in your injury case, call them up and ask.


Another great way to whittle down a list of St. Louis personal injury lawyers is to visit associate websites to see if they are a member of an association. A good website to visit is the St. Louis State Bar Association website which will give you a list of personal injury lawyers in St. Louis that are members. This is a very well respected association as are the members of it.

Referrals From Other Lawyers

If you have had to use a lawyer in the past and trust their opinion then there is no harm in calling them and asking whether they know of any good St. Louis personal injury lawyers. This is a good way to discover a trusted personal injury lawyer through someone you trust yourself.

Yellow Pages

Another great way to whittle down to find the best St. Louis personal injury lawyer for you is to browse the yellow pages. If you notice any personal injury lawyers that advertise, review that advert as if it were the window to their shop. Does it look ethical? Is it helpful? Is it compelling? These are all questions you can ask yourself.