Seattle DUI Attorney

i specialize in dui law as a seattle attorneyIf you have been arrested recently for driving under the influence of alcohol, then it is important you seek the advice of a reputable Seattle DUI attorney. Your breath test could reveal that you were over the blood alcohol content limit, but you do not have to plead guilty. Before you make any hasty decisions about your arrest, consult a DUI attorney to discuss your case. There are often other legal aspects of your arrest, which can be challenged.

The federal law and most of the state laws require arrests to be based on probable cause. The law protects you against unreasonable seizures and search. If your arrest for DUI were not based on any probable cause, an experienced DUI lawyer could sometimes fight the charges against you on these grounds alone.

Police officers are not permitted to stop vehicles randomly lest it is an organized DUI checkpoint. Drivers arrested because of their ethnicity, race; or other different reasons have a legitimate ground to actually challenge the legality of their detention. DUI lawyers can ensure that these issues are raised in court.

Police officers can make mistakes during your arrest. For instance, if a police officer questions you without reading the Miranda rights, a Seattle attorney can dismiss your statements, and any evidence gathered. In some cases, the attorney will even challenge the credibility and history of the arresting police officer as a defense strategy.

DUI laws vary from state to state, and in some jurisdictions, the law requires that suspects arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol to provide a breath test or submit a blood sample as a means of determining the accurate blood alcohol content, commonly referred to as your BAC. Refusal to carry out these tests can result in harsh penalties, like suspension of driving privileges.

Even if the BAC results of a blood or breath sample are above the legal limit, a Seattle DUI attorney can sometimes challenge:

  • The cause for the traffic stop
  • The arresting officer’s actions
  • The results of the test, and the testing procedure
  • The manner in which other tests were conducted
  • The collection, handling and storage of the sample

The penalties for a DUI conviction range from heavy fines to prison sentences. Some people have compulsory ignition interlock devices in their vehicles. This device requires you to blow into it to start the engine, and again every ten minutes while the car is running. There are so many different negative implications associated with a DUI. Some can cause lots of shame, and many can be severely damaging to your career, family, and personal freedom.

In conclusion, Seattle DUI lawyers commonly use professional witnesses who testify for the defense during a trial as a way to hopefully contest against the blood alcohol content evidence. If you are arrested by any chance for suspicion of driving drunk, it is important to discuss the details of your case with your Seattle DUI attorney. You may believe the case against you is all but settled, but your lawyer has sufficient experience in this area and may feel otherwise.