Scottsdale DUI Lawyer

lawyer specializing in dui law in scottsdale azDriving under the influence of alcohol within the city of Scottsdale bears heavy responsibilities, and under such state you will often need the help of a Scottsdale DUI lawyer. However, DUI laws does not necessarily require you to be intoxicated in order to be charged of a DUI. Instead, these laws measure your ability to drive a vehicle by checking if your blood alcohol level is beyond that of what the state or city limits. As of now, every state in the US has a blood alcohol limit of .08%.
Deciding whether to hire a DUI attorney or not is of course a personal choice. However, if you are unsure about your choices then you need to consider a few factors first.

How a DUI lawyer can help you?

A DUI lawyer will take a look at several possible consequences for each and every client, and then determines how to keep the damage to a minimum. In most cases, a DUI lawyer will evaluate your situation and determine whether or not you will be facing minor penalties or offered a probation. In such scenario, you may decide if the potential penalties are minor enough to represent yourself or quickly take a plea bargain with your prosecutor. However, always remember that a DUI charge varies, and it just makes sense to be sure that your case isn’t something that would be dealing with major penalties or long term consequences. This is one main role that DUI lawyers play in the case of their clients.

Do you have to plead guilty?

If it’s your first DUI charge, then you could just choose to plead guilty. It’s often a good idea if you are certain enough to be convicted. One good example is when your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is above .11 and the arresting officer states that your driving is odd. However, before pleading guilty it is ideal to learn more about the laws and penalties in the state first to be able to make an informed decision.

If you are convinced to plead guilty, a Scottsdale DUI lawyer can still offer you advice which could significantly affect the severity of your penalty. Also, if you have a BAC of between .08 and .11 and the accuracy of the reading is questionable, then your chances of a conviction is lower and a DUI lawyer can help you plea bargain your case.

Seek a DUI lawyer if it’s your second DUI case

If you have committed DUI/DWI for the second time around, it will be necessary to hire the services of a DUI lawyer. If you’re worried about the costs, there are some lawyers who will work with you and will offer discounts or payment plans.
Sentence bargaining

Other than plea bargaining, most states also offer sentence bargaining. Sentence bargaining is very useful in cases wherein a guilty plea could result to a long imprisonment period. For example, you may be convinced to plead guilty to a second DUI case but it’s only applicable if you have an idea of the sentence you will get. The same applies with an aggravated DUI case where your blood alcohol concentration is over .15 or has resulted to injuries or death. In these cases, pleading guilty might not be necessary unless you know what sentence you will get, and in such cases you will be advised to hire the services of a DUI lawyer.