Plano Divorce Attorney

attorney specializing in divorce law in planoWhile Plano, Texas is a wonderful family community north of Dallas, many couples end up needing a divorce attorney in Plano. Just like couples across the country, the divorce rate in Plano mirrors the national average, which is approximately 50% of all marriages end in divorce.


Divorce can be a very stressful time. This is especially true when children and property are involved. One minute you have a marriage, the next minute you realize that the marriage may be over. The last thing you need is to have stress from the legal wrangling’s of a divorce. That’s why a good divorce lawyer in Plano is your best defense against stress or being taken advantage of by a spiteful spouse.


A good divorce lawyer is one who will counsel you, while helping you to understand the choices that are available to you so you can make the best decisions possible. This is especially true when it comes to child custody, child visitation rights, alimony or spousal support, property division and child support. Something else to consider: there are many tax consequences when going through a divorce, and a good divorce lawyer can advise you on what a pending divorce could do to your tax liabilities and status.


When you think of Plano you usually think of their Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, the Art Centre of Plano and Interurban Railway Museum. But unfortunately, many Plano residents have to think of finding a divorce lawyer. The good news is that Plano residents have access to over 840 divorce attorneys, so there’s an abundance to choose from.


Ok, you realize your marriage won’t continue. You may want to have it annulled; you may want to file for a legal separation or divorce. There’s absolutely no question that you need someone who specializes in divorce law to guide you through the upcoming legal maze you’ll be facing with divorce proceedings.


But with access to over 840 divorce lawyers in the Plano, Texas area, how do you choose the one who will best serve you?


The best place to start to find a lawyer is with a referral from a family member, friend or business colleague. Chances are someone has been through a divorce, so they’ll be able to give you a first-hand recommendation on a lawyer.


If not, you’ll have to do some homework. Like everything else, the best place to start that is on the Internet. You can use search engines to find lawyers in the Plano, Texas area, and then review lawyers and law firm websites to look at payment options, the lawyer’s education and training that they’ve had, and profiles of the people you’ll be dealing with. You’ll need to choose a few that look good to you and then interview them so you can ask questions.


You’ll want to know how long they’ve actually been doing divorce law, and if they’ve had experience working on a case similar to your own. Another question is cost: find out if they’ll bill you on a flat rate basis, or if they’ll only bill hourly. Ask for an estimate – an ethical attorney will provide one for you so there will be no surprises.


The more complicated your divorce, (kids, property, etc.) the more expensive it could be. A divorce lawyer will cost you money, but you’ll certainly make it up in the long term by making the right decisions.