Lexington Divorce Attorneys

the best divorce attorneys in lexingtonDivorce, what is it good for? Whatever your answer may be, nobody genuinely wants to go through with the litigation process – I sure didn’t, but there are some realities that can’t be avoided. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration like how to split the assets and who will actually be taking custody of the children if children are involved. You can speed up the process with the right lawyer so we’ve gathered a list for you in the Lexington Kentucky area. I hope it serves you well!

Lisa Johnson, Attorney

When divorce is on the horizon the practicalities have to be taken into consideration and one of those practicalities is getting a divorce attorney. The Lexington Law Firm offers this service with a caring hand and proper mediation.

Gilbert Law Group

Since 1973, the Gilbert Law Group has represented individuals in front of the court of law to secure their interests and provide justice for those who need it. They cover a variation of legal areas but can definitely meet your needs during this time of your divorce.

The law Office of Elizabeth A. Hill

You can request a consultation with the Law office of Elizabeth Hill to strategize and see how to best proceed with this difficult time in your life. You can see what to do about your children, if children are involved and how to best split your assets.

Cordell Cordell – A domestic litigation firm

At Cordell Cordell, you’ll be at a large firm with small firm prices but it’s important to know that you’ll be safe in hands with them because they’ve been in business for 25 years and have a proven track record of success.

Central Kentucky’s Law Firm

This is a family law firm led by a brother and sister who are set on helping couples manage through this troublesome time their life. Divorce is never easy but with the right legal support, at least it can be managed in the best way possible.

Michael Davidson PLLC

Your rights and interests are what matters when it comes to divorce. It’s a difficult time for everybody but with Michael Davidson you can find the compassion and qualifications you need in a lawyer.

Jenny E. Scott Lexington’s Family Attorney

If you want to feel secure in who’s representing you during your divorce this is the family attorney you’re looking for. Protect your assets; help find the best solutions for your children while making sure that there is minimal hurt and pain in the process.

Roland P. Merkel, PSC

At Roland P. Merkel there’s a strong commitment to helping you get through this troublesome time in your life. You will receive free legal assistance/a consultation to strategize so call for an appointment when you can.