Lawyers In New Orleans

quality new orleans lawyersWhile the city’s nickname is “the Big Easy,” you’ll find that is also an easy place to find a lawyer in New Orleans. That’s because there are more than 1250 attorneys in New Orleans, ready to help whenever a legal problem arises. And if you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid legal problems until now, you never know when they might spring up.


For example, what if you were involved in a car or truck accident that involved injuries? What if you were arrested and the police notified you that you were charged with a DUI or other crime? What if your spouse informed you that he or she was considering a divorce? What if you found yourself the victim or workplace discrimination, or harassment? Or what if you were fired for unjust reasons?


Fact is, a legal problem can strike without warning, leaving you vulnerable and feeling victimized. The only place you can turn for help – you guessed it – a lawyer. And with over 1250 attorneys in New Orleans, representing ever legal specialty, help is available.


Ok, the city’s nickname is “the Big Easy,” but choosing a lawyer takes work. You have to have someone you can trust, a person who can help resolve your problems while helping you avoid new ones from occurring. That’s what the advice of an attorney does for you.


The first place to find a lawyer in New Orleans is by asking someone close to you for a referral. This could be a family member, a good friend or a trusted business associate. And if they don’t have a recommendation, you’ll need to sit down at a computer and use the Internet to help find one.


You have to do some homework, though, because searching the Internet isn’t going to pick a lawyer for you. Check the lawyer’s or law firm’s website. View the profiles of the lawyers; see where they went to law school and what type of experience they have. If you have a real estate problem, don’t call a divorce attorney. If you’re charged with a crime, search for criminal attorneys, not corporate lawyers.


Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, interview several of your choices. See if you have a “compatibility” fit; after all, you’re going to be sharing a lot of personal information with a complete stranger. Ask about experience with your specific type of case – hopefully, they’ll have some.


Most importantly, ask about cost. Attorneys in New Orleans earn an average of $87,000, which means their hourly rate is not cheap. Many earn $115,000 and more. So ask about a flat rate fee instead of billing you hourly. An ethical attorney will be happy to estimate what a case will cost; just remember it’s an estimate, and if the case gets complicated or goes to an extended trial, the costs are going to mount.

It’s hard to accept the fact that you’re in a legal bind, and worse, that it’s going to cost you a hefty sum to hire a lawyer. Just remember that every penny you put down will be repaid with knowledge, experience and resources to get your problem resolved. Pay now, and you’ll have a payback down the road.