Immigration Lawyer In Cleveland

lawyer in cleveland oh working in immigrationOur immigration lawyer in Cleveland came up as a result of commitment to excellence in pursuing all immigration matters. Our licensed immigration lawyers were are well experienced. In addition, they harbor immense skills and knowledge on various issues concerning immigration. You will find our immigration department very unique and overly helpful. Click here to see how we can help with your case. Our initial consultation is free of charge. The following is a brief explanation of some of the pertinent issues in immigration law;

Immigration Law

Settlers who are approved to be residents of US or have the citizenship of the US are conferred rights to gain economic and business opportunities, as well as to attain protected freedom such as religion and speech. To learn more, talk to our immigration lawyers who will advise and guide you based on your unique personal circumstances. Our lawyers will help you in applying for a grade that allows you entrance and citizenship in the country; they will aggressively argue your case.


The current US foreign-born residents are currently near 14 percent and the number is rising to a record high. The law defines a US citizen as one who is born in the US or any other person granted a naturalized citizen status by order of the US citizenship and immigration services (USCIS).

The ones granted citizenship may own a global travel permit, the right to vote in the US elections, own a US passport and also have the ability to petition for permanent residency on behalf of their close family members or relatives and foreign-born children. Our lawyers will help you navigate the complex immigration process.

Permanent Residency and Green Cards

Gaining a Green Card is the first and foremost step towards obtaining permanent residency for foreigners looking to become US citizens. We will help you file an application with the USCIS on behalf of your relatives as well as help you out with other applications such as occupation and work permits.

Student, Employment and Travel Visas

The US immigration services offers visa for immigrants wishing to enter the US for a specified period of time. The most common methods of provisional visa requests are based on work visas, business and investor visas, travel and tourist visas as well as student visas. Our immigration lawyers will advise you on the best category of temporary visa to apply for. They also provide counsel on matters such as adjustment of visa status, close family member immigration and advance parole family member immigration.

Generally, our immigration department handles much more issues concerning immigration. If you want to follow up any immigration issue, kindly contact us so that we can guide you. We will help you avoid making costly mistakes that might get your application denied, defend your right to continue living in the country as well as advice you on your general civil rights.

Never handle an immigration case on your own, more so if you are a foreigner. It is advisable to hire a well experienced lawyer to increase your chances of success.