Divorce Attorney In Orlando

the best attorney for divorce in orlandoMaking the right decision of which divorce attorney in Orlando should represent you in your divorce case is crucial. It’s not just about who is the cheapest, who is the most expensive or who has the most recommendations. Someone may come highly recommended but you simply can’t communicate with them. A mixture of things must be considered before making a decision. Don’t just base your decision on one single thing.

Getting Names Of Divorce Attorneys In Orlando

Before selecting which divorce attorney in Orlando is best for you, you need to gather a list of attorneys first. There are a number of ways you can do this which we have listed some below:

From Other Attorneys

If you know of a lawyer that you have worked with in the past for a different matter such as a personal injury lawyer then you can always ask if they know of a good divorce attorney in Orlando. If you trust their opinion then this is a very good place to start.

From Organizations

You can also look on professional organization websites for a list of divorce attorneys in Orlando. A good website to visit and gather a list from is the Orlando State Bar Association. Divorce attorneys on this website don’t exactly mean they are of quality; it will just give you a list to work on for now.

From Friends & Family

If you know of any friends and family members that have gone through a divorce then ask them whether they would recommend their divorce attorney. You could even ask work colleagues if you know of any that have gone through divorce.

What To Look For From A Divorce Attorney In Orlando

Now that you have a list of divorce attorneys in Orlando, it is time to start narrowing the list down to one. You can do this by doing the following:


Call around the different divorce attorneys in Orlando to get their costs. This is not to pick who is the cheapest; it is to gather an idea of an average cost. You can add these costs to a pros and cons list for each divorce attorney on your list.


Check whether any of the divorce attorneys in Orlando on your list are members of any professional organizations. While this isn’t an indication of their competence, it does suggest that they are dedicated to the divorce sector of law.


Sometimes the best divorce attorney in Orlando to choose to handle your divorce is the one that you get along with most. For you to get the best results, you must be able to feel comfortable in talking openly to your lawyer. Take this into account after speaking with the different divorce attorneys on your list.


It is very common for people to simply choose the first divorce attorney in Orlando that they speak to. We highly recommend that you speak to a number of attorneys to find the best attorney that you not only get along with but that can also offer a good price as well as a history of successful cases.