Divorce Attorney In Lincoln, NE

lincoln ne best attorney for divorceDivorce is never an easy process, but an understanding of how the process will work and an experienced divorce attorney Lincoln, NE on your side will make the process a bit easier. An attorney can be helpful even when a couple agrees on most of the terms of the separation. This trained, experienced professional can ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, that the rights of both parties are sufficiently protected and that the necessary paperwork is filed correctly.

Eligibility For Divorce

Before contacting a divorce lawyer, it is important to determine if one is eligible for the process in this state. All states have a requirement that a person must be a resident of the state for a period before he or she is allowed to file for divorce in that state. In some cases, this time of residency may only be six months, but other states may require residency for up to one year before the divorce can be filed. Once eligibility to file is determined, it is time to contact a Lincoln NE divorce attorney to offer assistance through the process.

What Is Decided

Many decisions will go into a final divorce settlement, which is why a divorce lawyer is essential to ensuring that the settlement is finalized correctly and to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Decisions will include spousal and child support, a division of the marital assets and debts, and custody and visitation of the children. In some cases, both spouses will agree on each of these terms, allowing the divorce process to go through as quickly and painlessly as possible. In other situations, one or more of these factors will need to be agreed upon through a mediation process that will help ensure that each spouse gets a fair chance.

Time For The Process

Because many factors go into a final divorce settlement, this process is rarely a quick one. The earliest that a divorce can be settled is in six months’ time after the Petition is filed and served. However, this six-month benchmark is not always reached on a timely basis, particularly if disagreements have to be mediated, or problems arise during the process. A Lincoln NE divorce lawyer can help to minimize those issues and ensure that the process goes as quickly as possible for both spouses.

Court Appearances

Some spouses worry about a court appearance during divorce proceedings, but this is not always a necessary step. If agreements can be arrived at from all parts of the settlement, with the help of a divorce attorney Lincoln NE, paperwork can be filed and finalized without a single court appearance. However, if disputes arise, both spouses may be required to appear in court to iron out differences in front of a judge. This may be particularly true when disagreements arise over child custody or visitation. Divorce is a financially and emotionally draining process, but it helps to have someone in your court throughout the process. This is where an experienced divorce lawyer comes into play. If you are beginning the divorce process, contact an attorney to help you through.