Divorce Attorney In Chesapeake VA

here is chesapeake va best divorce attorneyThis divorce attorney in Chesapeake, Virginia is one of the best found anywhere. The lawyer works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so you always have an attorney at hand. Our clients love the peace we give them knowing that if you have a problem or question comes up you can get hold of your lawyer. That is a big plus when it comes to lawyers.

When it comes to the bill, you will be surprised that the rates are low, and I will save you money. Everybody can use a little extra money these days. One way I save is on paper. I will not have any more paperwork than necessary. That way I can save money and time also you will save money and time. Also, I do not waste your time. I know that time is money and also time is precious these days, so I try to combine small business task into one, so we do not have to bother you but once instead of many different meetings. Lastly, I am not located in a big fancy building with a lot of overhead. I have a small office with modest furnishings. My payroll is also small. All this adds up to saving for you.

When it comes to filing for divorce, our lawyers will give you the best counsel. We divorce attorneys have over fifty years of experience in family court. As Christian lawyers, we will be aggressive but in a Christian way. We will not make fools of you or ourselves when it comes to getting what you want out of the divorce.

If the divorce is happening and it is not your fault, we will send the bill to the at fault party. Why should you, the innocent party have to pay for something that’s not your fault? We will make sure you get the home and the cars since it’s not your fault. By the way, if you are still living together, pack their clothes and put them on the curb. You must cut off all ties with the offending party. If a divorce is what you are after, you have to cut the ties at once. There is no partying with the other spouse even if children are involved.

If you should want to live together until the judge grants the divorce, no sleeping in the same room, no cooking for the other party, bills are divided in half. The wedding rings must be sold to pay the legal cost. The biggest no-no when getting a divorce and one’s wanting to live together until the divorce is final, no sex with the opposing party.

Remember the court is no place to go and behave like children. In court, the judge watches every move you make. If you want the case to sway in your favor, act like mature adults. Remember that divorce hurts children. They do not need to see their parents act like fools in court. If you want, the custody of the children shows maturity in court so that you can get individual care of the children.