Filling for bankruptcy is a serious and complicated step, it is for this reason you need to find and choose the best attorney to represent your case. Having the right and best bankruptcy lawyer is very important because aside from helping you with the case, the attorney should be able to help you succeed in your intended bankruptcy case at the court of law. Without the right attorney your case can be jeopardized and the end result is your case thrown out of court. So then you need knowledge on how to get the right attorney for your case, asking friends can be a little awkward being that bankruptcy is too much to share with random people. Therefore a discrete online search can be recommended but with the following guidelines.

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How to choose a bankruptcy lawyer

Before making an appointment

Once you have identified potential bankruptcy lawyers; either through online searching or from your nearby law firm, here are factors to consider before you finally decide to make an appointment with them.

ü Experience

Very important, before you can make an appointment with any lawyer, it is important to know their level of experience with the bankruptcy cases. The more experience the better; experience in this case is determined by the total number of bankruptcy cases a lawyer has handled rather than the number of years he has been in the profession. The right bankruptcy attorney for you should be that who has handled several chapter 7s and chapter 13s equally. One who specializes in either of the two is not fit for you. This is due to the fact that for you to be in a better position to win the case, your lawyer must be well informed about both the chapter 7 and 13.

ü Competence

A bankruptcy lawyer’s level of competence can be very difficult to evaluate. Therefore you might need help from their former clients. This is because without doing proper research on them you might not be able to get their true capabilities as this does not come with the number of years one has been handling such cases. One could have handled bankruptcy cases for over 30 years but did a bad job of it.

ü Fees

Cheap is always expensive, do not go for an attorney simple because they are offering services at relatively cheaper costs. This can turn around to cost a lot when the attorney does not give the best you could have gotten at a higher cost. On the other hand high costs do not represent better services, therefore you need to shop around and keep your choices open for the best attorney with better services at a reasonable cost.

Factors to consider during the appointment

As some lawyers may offer free consultations others may charge, but whichever the case you must stick to your bankruptcy goals to enable you reach the best lawyer for your case, consider the following:

ü Availability

When making an appointment ask to speak directly to the attorney, if he or she does not show up in person then that’s not the right attorney you need. The perfect bankruptcy attorney should be available to their clients, talking one on one with the attorney will enable you both understand each other best and see if both of you can work with one another. Their availability can also be determined by their response to phone calls; do they receive calls or call you back? One who neither receives your calls nor calls you back is not the best you need.

How the lawyer feels about your legal knowledge

It is actually very important to find a lawyer who does not find your legal knowledge a threat. A good bankruptcy lawyer should be motivated by your legal knowledge about bankruptcy and be willing to work with you nevertheless. If he or she feels threatened about your legal knowledge then that is not a good sign.

ü Personality and professionalism

Your attorney should be compassionate and understanding, if you do not seem to get along with the attorney you are meeting, then continue with your search. Declaring bankruptcy is a painful and an emotional decision, therefore you not only need an attorney with proper papers but also one who portrays empathy and willingness to help. And above all one who is passionate about what they do, it counts.

As a professional, a bankruptcy attorney should belong to an attorney’s association. This is not only for professionalism but also for credibility. Once you identify their membership organization, you should visit the law firm to confirm their certification. By so doing you’ll be dealing with a bankruptcy lawyer professional who is true and tested.

And that is how to choose a bankruptcy lawyer. For more information click on to the following links to learn more about a lawyer in your area:

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