Bankruptcy Attorney In Milwaukee

do not go through a bankruptcy without a milwaukee attorneyFiling for bankruptcy can be stressful and because you are already stressed because with debt, you don’t need additional weight on your shoulders. A good bankruptcy attorney in Milwaukee will be able to take this additional stress away from you. But how do you find a good bankruptcy attorney in Milwaukee? You can follow these steps to make sure you have someone reliable representing your case.

Look For Milwaukee Attorneys That Specialize In Bankruptcy

To have the very best representation and make sure that you are bankruptcy case is not rejected; you need to make sure you choose a lawyer that specifically specializes in bankruptcy. A great lawyer in personal injury might not be so great in dealing with bankruptcy cases.

While someone may recommend you a lawyer that handled their divorce and said they were amazing, unless they also have a portfolio of bankruptcy cases, this recommended lawyer may not actually be amazing for you. Stick to lawyers who specialize in bankruptcy.

Weigh The Pros And Cons Of Different Law Firms

All of the different bankruptcy attorney Milwaukee law firms will offer different things which you will need to weigh up as pros and cons to determine which the best is. For example, one law firm might offer free consultation but bill on an hourly rate whereas another law firm might not offer free consultations but charge fixed prices.

Another important thing to note is that just because a law firm offers the cheapest rate does not mean that you should choose them. You want the very best representation at a competitive price which you can help determine by weighing up the pros and cons of each firm.

Contact Your State Bar Association

Every state, including Milwaukee, has a State Bar Association where you can find a list of practicing bankruptcy attorneys in Milwaukee. You can find this list by simply searching for “Milwaukee State Bar Association” on Google.

On this website you will find out whether a bankruptcy attorney Milwaukee has had any disciplinary actions or complaints. If you find any serious actions or complaints then look for another bankruptcy attorney.

Contact Your Local Bankruptcy Court

As well as checking the Milwaukee State Bar Association website, you can also call your local bankruptcy court to see if they can also provide information on bankruptcy attorneys practicing in Milwaukee. They may not always provide this information but it is certainly worth a phone call. If they are willing to give information, they will usually refer you to two or three attorneys they believe will help and not because they have been paid to refer clients to them.

Check The Bankruptcy Attorney Is A Member Of NACBA

Any good bankruptcy attorney should be a member of NACBA (National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys). You can check the website to see which bankruptcy attorneys in Milwaukee are listed as members. NACBA also has some great information on debt advice too that you can take advantage of.