Bankruptcy Attorney In Bakersfield

bakersfield ca bankruptcy attorney for youAfter trying to pay your debts and struggling to do so, do you find yourself looking at the option of filing for bankruptcy? While this can be the best solution to your struggling financial situation, it is important to find a good bankruptcy attorney in Bakersfield so that your case isn’t rejected.

Here are a few things to look out for when finding a bankruptcy attorney in Bakersfield:

Check Their Professionalism

There is a recognized association called the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA). An attorney who is a member of this association shows that bankruptcy is their specialty and not something they dabble their hand in. You can use this database to find bankruptcy attorneys in Bakersfield and then use the State Bar website to check that they are also certified to practice.

Don’t Just Meet With One

Most bankruptcy attorneys in Bakersfield offer free consultations so there is no reason for you not to book consultations with a number of attorneys and not just one. This gives you the opportunity to see what qualities each of them holds, what they can offer and whether they shows signs of wanting to help you and not just obtain your business.

Qualities To Look For In A Bankruptcy Attorney

When meeting with a number of bankruptcy attorneys in Bakersfield, it is the perfect chance for you to determine which important qualities each of them has. You can even make a pros and cons list or simply make notes when speaking to each one to weigh up which bankruptcy attorney is best suited to you.

Here are some qualities to look out for in a bankruptcy attorney in Bakersfield:

They Offer Alternate Resolutions

A bankruptcy attorney who genuinely wants the best for you and not them will take the time to determine whether bankruptcy is in fact the best resolution for you. For example, if you have quite a large income and a number of assets then the bankruptcy attorney may advice on simply paying your bills. They may also advice on forming a formal debt management plan instead of filing for bankruptcy. An ethical bankruptcy attorney in Bakersfield will have your best interests in mind and offer alternate resolutions if they are better suited to your situation.

They Listen To You And Understand

Being in debt and struggling financially can bring a lot of stress and pain to a person. A bankruptcy attorney that empathizes with your pain and takes the time to listen and understand what you want is a good bankruptcy attorney. If you notice, when meeting with an attorney, that they haven’t asked you many questions including how you came to be in debt then it is not a good sign. A good bankruptcy attorney will ask everything about how you came to be in debt and what your goals are.

The Fee

We advise not to just go for the cheapest nor go for the most expensive because you think this means they are the best. Find a middle ground where an attorney has great success with similar cases to yours, has all the right memberships and certificates, and offers a decent price.