Atlanta Personal Injury lawyer

the best personal injury lawyer in atlanta gaWhen handling a personal injury case, it is very important to do a thorough research before hiring an Atlanta personal injury lawyer. I learned this the hard way. There are some law firms that think that personal injury cases are easy. When they get involved in such cases, they realize that the cases demand specialty knowledge and extra work which they are not ready to put up. The cases which end up stalling as the firms do little to advance them. In contrast, these firms are very wise in enticing unsuspecting clients by taking the cases at very cheap fees.

In the spring of 2014 my son got injured as he cycled home on the sidewalk. A speeding truck driver lost control and rammed onto the rear of his bike sending him swirling over. The accident left him with a broken left leg. It is only after my son had undergone surgery and started recuperating that I took to the internet to find a suitable lawyer to handle the case. After making several calls to various…. law firms I found listed, I settled on a certain firm which promised to take up the case at a very fair rate…that was the first mistake I made.

Months after the lawyer took up the case, I couldn’t see any improvements. My son was still under pain as he underwent rehabilitation and the person culpable was still scot-free. The accumulating medical bills had torn into our family finances such that we were staring at a bleak financial future.

What was even disheartening was the fact that the attorney was rarely available for consultation and whenever I called the office for updates, they would claim that it was normal for such cases to delay. One day one of my colleges at work asked me about the case and was sorry to hear about the slow progress. He advised me to consider changing lawyers adding that her auntie had a similar case which her lawyer disposed with in a much shorter period of time.

So I agreed to contact this lawyer and I must say this was the best decision I made towards getting fair justice to my son. When I went for the initial consultation I immediately spotted the huge difference between the two law firms. I found the law firm very friendly and professional. Upon reviewing the case, the attorney assigned to my case assured me it was a good one and that we stood a higher chance of getting compensated. He went further to explain that all the case needed was just more attention. In addition, the attorney showed great concern about my son’s well-being.

The lawyer further explained to me that cases of clients moving their cases to other lawyers on the rise. He said this was because there are many unscrupulous lawyers out to make some quick bucks. When these lawyers encounter some hardships during the case they are unable to proceed causing undue delays. These firms advertise for personal injury cases when they know they are not well experienced to handle such cases.

Therefore, if you or a loved one is involved in an accident and is injured, I would recommend this lawyer. I wouldn’t want another soul to go through what I went through with an incompetent attorney. When one is injured, all the person needs is peaceful time to heal and rehabilitate as their lawyers handle the case on their behalf. In my case, the first lawyer had made the situation even worse.

What I loved about this lawyer is that he took a personal interest to the case. He used to even visit and encourage my son that all would be well whenever he had some free time. Unlike the first lawyer who was never accessible and used to communicate via the firm’s support staff and paralegals, this lawyer would communicate to us directly about the latest developments on the case and was always available whenever I wanted anything about the case clarified. Click here to find out more about this Atlanta personal injury lawyer.